How To Get Started


How to get started:

Get started improving your game at NorCal Golf Academy.  

The world class instructors at NorCal Golf Academy believe that you the student should be assessed before having swing changes thrown at you. That being said, we recommend that all prospective students start off with our New Student Assessment.

New Student Assessment

New Student Assessment:     $99

One 50 minute session utilizing Trackman and Video along with the trained eye of one of our world class instructors to pinpoint exactly what is ailing your full swing.

Discover how instruction with today’s top technology is more effective than traditional instruction at making improvements in your game.  Our highly certified instructors will gather all relevant data relating to  your impact dynamics and explain to you what this data means and how you can make the changes you need to make to improve.

Your instructor will then give you a report of what they found and in what order the faults should be fixed, they will also give you their opinion on how you should proceed in improving your game.

This New Student Assessment will get you started on your journey to golf happiness.


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