Swing Catalyst Balance and Force Plate System

NorCal Golf Academy is the only location in Northern California to be equipped with Swing Catalyst’s ground breaking technology. Tom Rezendes has become one of a few Swing Catalyst Ambassadors in the United States.


  • Pressure distribution
  • Center of Pressure (CoP)
  • Detailed footprint pressure distribution
  • CoP patterns
  • Vertical forces
  • Horizontal forces
  • Ground reaction forces
  • Rotational force (torque)
  • Video synchronization

The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate adds an important dimension to golf instruction, and offers the user a “peek behind the curtain”. The Balance Plate, consisting of more than 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors, provides detailed foot pressure data, accurate pressure distribution, real time center of pressure (CoP) and CoP patterns, all elements that cannot be determined by the best trained eye or even expensive high-speed cameras. With the addition of the 3D Motion Plate we can now measure Torque, Vertical Force and Horizontal Force both right to left and toe to heel.  The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images as well as with our Trackman Launch Monitors.