Tom Rezendes is very patient and thorough. I would highly recommend him and NorCal Golf Academy.
Deanna M.

I’ve been around golf for some 35 years and Tom has all the tools, knowledge and patience to help you with your game. From beginner to advanced, he will improve not just your swing but ones understanding of their own swing. If you are serious about golf or just want to get better understanding of your game or the game of golf, this is the place for you.
Paul D.

This place is top notch. If you are serious about improving your golf game, this is the place to come.
The technology that Tom and his team have to analyze your swing is off the chain. I’ve played golf for 24 years (4 collegiate, 2 professional), and I can honestly say that NorCal Golf gave me some of the best swing instruction I’ve ever had.
Plus, they are reasonably priced for all that you get.
Kelly H.

Before Tom I really had no clue what I was doing with my golf swing. If I had a bad shot I didn’t know how to correct it, or a good shot how to repeat it. I now understand what a good golf swing looks like and more importantly what it feels like, and have a foundation to build on and improve. My scores are now in the 90’s and improving with each round. I highly recommend the program and particularly if you’re a beginning golfer or a hacker like me. If you have any doubts about the program drop in and have Tom show you my before and after swing. If that doesn’t convince you of the improvement that’s possible nothing will.
Steve N.

When it comes to golf instruction, this is the best place I have ever seen! Tom is a well-qualified, PGA Professional and makes use of cutting edge technology available to help with your golf swing.
Anthony S.

NorCal Golf Academy has made a massive improvement to all phases of my game.
Tom brings a wealth of instructional knowledge from Titleist Performance Institute and integrates the launch monitor and KVest technology to produce great data driven performance improvements. My index is down more than 3 points so far with much more consistency and power. Ball striking, chipping, bunker play, and putting are all much better with Tom’s instruction and methods.
If you are serious about improving your game and will commit to a regular routine at NorCal you can definitely make a massive difference with Tom and his staff.

Tim S.

The best full service golf facility I’ve seen. Personalized instruction from Tom and follow up practice sessions with immediate video feedback have helped me lower my handicap to single digits. I also got expert guidance on a workout program to tune my body for strength and flexibility with a focus on golf. In summary, everything I’ve been looking for to improve my game!
Kevin C

WOW! This place is like Disneyland for Golf enthusiast. The technology they have is all cutting edge and top of the line. My son (High School Aged) started going there about a month ago and wishes he could go every night. Haha Everything about the facility is first class including the instructors and staff. Very organized and professional all the way around. I would HIGHLY recommend NorCal Golf Academy to anyone that loves golf and wants to improve.
Kenny D

Outstanding results! Tom is fantastic. This is the second time I went to Tom with a problem and the second time he has shown me the solution. The technical equipment at Norcal seems to be top notch. But tech alone cannot make a good teacher. Tom used their analysis tools to explain the problem to me. He took me through some drills aimed at correcting the problem and then showed me how to incorporate that into my swing. I’ve been to the range a bit since then and the difference is huge. Thanks, NorCal, and thanks, Tom!
Ken L

As far as golf instruction goes, this is Best of Class. Use of technology reveals aspects of your swing that simply cannot be seen without it. Combine this with Tom’s knowledge and I believe there is no more efficient way to improve your game. (I have played golf for more than 40 years and taken dozens and dozens of lessons)
Jack H.

NCGA is a great facility. The practice facilities and tools are excellent and Tom does a great job of working on my needs and my swing. The feedback that I receive from the K-Vest and video really help me to see what I am doing in my swing and what I need to work on. Great job Tom!
Donn M.

I took a “Comprehensive Golf Performance Evaluation” from Tom a couple of weeks ago and have been working on the deficiencies in my swing that were identified…starting with the basics like setup. I am an experienced player and thought I understood what I was doing in my swing (both good and bad) but the K-vest session was really informative and gave me information that I would never have noticed on my own. Tom was very thorough in his assessment and spent a great amount of time with me going over some important things to address. I am looking forward to going back for a follow-up session to assess my progress. Great facility, with no expense spared by Tom in equipping the facility with the latest in technology. Highly recommended.
Kevin R.

Ian has been taking lessons from Tom for about 7 weeks now and you can see a dramatic difference in his game. Tom is great with kids, the facility is first class and oozes with technology. Great job Tom!
Randy C.

I noticed the NorCal Golf Academy sign on Mt Diablo Blvd one day and stopped in to see what it was all about. I had visited Solid Impact before, but I didn’t like the programs that were offered. Tom’s programs seemed more suited to continued improvement through lessons and quality practice. He stresses the importance of not taking another lesson until you have worked on the skills you were taught in the prior lesson. The K-Trainer allows you to work on those skills with instant feedback so you know you are practicing correctly every time. This is so important in golf, because what you think you are doing is often very different from what you are actually doing. Many golfers don’t realize this until they see their swing on video for the first time. I started  .  .  .  to get ready for a tournament. I only had 6 weeks to get ready so I was a little worried my swing might get worse before it improved. While the first week was a little rough, my body started getting used to the new position quickly. By the second week, my swing was really taking shape. I increased my driving distance by 20-30 yards, making me the longest driver at the tournament.  I dropped my handicap from 12 to 7.5 and shot a 3 under 33 in my final 9 hole match. Since starting  .  .  .  I can self diagnose a lot of on course issues and get back on track quickly. I highly recommend checking it out.
Kurtis P.

I’m not usually a writer of reviews but my experience with the NorCal Golf Academy has prompted me to pass on my recommendation to other golfers looking for an instructor and instruction tool that will give dramatic improvement to their game in a few short weeks.   .   .    so far have had 5 lessons, one of which was a lesson on putting. I have always struggled with putting and so didn’t really practice as much as I should have done. During the lesson I was fitted for a .  .  .  putter and the result has been remarkable, I’m now actually looking forward to practicing my putting. The K-Vest system that Tom (the owner) uses for instruction is a pretty amazing tool and actually shows you where you are going wrong. With the output from the sensors in the vest, belt and hand monitor you can see the order and speed at which your hips, shoulders and hands are moving. I thought I had a reasonably good posture at address and through impact…I was so wrong. With the fixes that Tom has introduced to my posture, grip and even my flexibility, from the stretching program, I can now consistently hit 130-135 yards with a pitching wedge ! in the direction I want it to go, an improvement that I’m very happy with. I fully recommend signing up with Tom, you WILL see your game improve.
Roy P.

I’ve lowered my index by four stokes in two months of instruction with Tom. I think that speaks to the effectiveness of the instruction. The facility is great and the practice sessions are easy to book. Tom is very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I couldn’t be happier with the results of these lessons.
Jim I.

This is one of the best uses of my “golf improvement money” I’ve spent. Tom takes a combined simple and hi-tech approach to assessing and sharing your challenges and then he breaks them down into terms I understand and can practice. My last round I played was at Poppy Hills and it is absolutely true when I told Tom that this was the first time I really felt comfortable and in control of my stance and swing. I am a high handicapper but with a few more sessions with Tom I know that will change soon. The facility is well equipped for both golf technique and golf fitness.
Joe M.

Just had my first lesson with Tom, he was patient and the TPI system and the tools were very compelling. To strap on the equipment, and then to see my position versus the tour positions, it was very helpful. The K-Vest worked great to get me to “feel” the right positions, and to focus on the process and not where the ball goes. I bought a package and will continue to explore this teaching approach, and am looking forward to programming new habits.
Neil H.

Hi, I wanted to tell you that I went straight to the practice range and hit three buckets of balls after our session together. After several totally abominable shots, things started coming together better and I started feeling more of what you’d told me to do (starting the swing with the hips, not the arms) and my 6 iron sometimes goes a full 25yards longer! Plus several of my long shots with that iron went in a slight draw formation, so I am very pleased, to say the least.
Claudia T.