Wedge Fitting

A Wedge Fitting at NorCal Golf Academy is unlike any other fitting in the Bay Area! A Wedge Fitting from NorCal Golf Academy is one hour long and will cover all of the steps necessary to help you wedge it closer to the pin than ever. Your Wedge fitting will start off with a brief Q&A session with your fitter where we will start to learn a little bit more about what you need out of a new set of wedges. 

Your fitter will then get the specifications of your current Wedges and note them down. They will then apply the ForeSight Sports Optical Markers onto your existing Wedges and have you warm up. Once warmed up you will be asked to hit 5-7 shots with each of  your current wedges . Your fitter will save the stats from these shots for future reference.

Next is where the fun begins! You will then be asked to hit a variety of heads where we will be analyzing things such as Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Smash Factor, Descent Angle and Dispersion. Once your fitter has determined the top 2 or 3 best Heads for you they will then start having you hit numerous different shafts. These shafts will be of varying weight, bend profiles and launch characteristics. During all of this we will be monitoring your statistics from our GC Quad, the number one launch monitor in Golf. Once our fitter feels you have the ideal combination in your hands they will then have you hit some shots with our Grip Matrix. Utilizing numerous shafts all with different grip sizes and shapes we will definitively select which grip YOU should be playing! No more choosing a grip of of hand size! Our research has shown that most people are playing the wrong grip. Once all of this is completed you will be given a fit sheet that shows everything that makes up your perfect set of wedges! 

From there you will be able to order your wedges and get the build process under way! Once your Wedges arrive we will double check that everything matches the specs that you require! We will then reach out to you and arrange for you to pick up your new set of Wedges! 

Wedge Fitting Rates