The Academy


NorCal Golf Academy was founded in Walnut Creek in 2010, with one simple objective; to make the best golf improvement facility in Northern California. NorCal Golf Academy staffs the Bay Area’s most highly educated and Certified Professionals and are the only facilities in the area that can track every part of your swing to give you the proper fix!



Our flagship facility is over 4200 square feet located conveniently in Walnut Creek (1557A Third Ave.). With our advanced technology and highly trained instructors, NorCal Golf Academy provides East Bay Area golfers with the best there is in golf instruction. We are able to measure every facet of the golfers motion, thus can focus on accurate and correct improvements to the golf swing. Other facilities may tout equipment that is similar, however, upon taking a closer look it fails miserably in comparison. Other facilities that utilize 3D motion capture only measure the pelvis and thorax, missing out on the critical point and that is to gather the players swing efficiency graph, the Kinematic Sequence. Other systems cannot measure the clubhead in 3D, hence missing out on critical impact data, so what the end user gets is a guess as to the correct fix.Come into one of our locations and experience Golf Instruction like you’ve never had before.


Our Walnut Creek location has Seven hitting bays, all utilizing SwingCatalyst Video software, high speed video cameras and the industries most advanced launch monitor, Foresight Sports GC Quad and or Trackman 4 paired with huge 15X11 foot simulators in all 7 bays so you can practice on the range or some of the world’s most famous courses


GEARS Golf is the worlds most accurate motion capture system specifically designed for Golf. With 8 optical motion capture cameras capturing at 240 frames per second each we can see every facet of your swing with the accuracy of .2 millimeters which is the thickness of a piece of paper. We are one of only three dozen systems in the United States!

SwingCatalyst Dual 3D Motion Plate and Single Motion Plate

Our Walnut Creek facility is Northern California’s only facility featuring not one but TWO 3D Force Plates, with the ability to measure the unseeable we will be able to look into how you the Golfer is utilizing the ground for not only power creation but consistency. This is truly ground breaking technology!

Club Fitting

With thousands of combinations NorCal Golf Academy can find you the perfect set of new golf clubs that will take your game to the next level!



Our newest location in Dublin (7980 Amador Valley Blvd.) continues our mission of providing golfers from beginner to scratch, a place to effectively and efficiently improve their game. With our advanced technology and highly trained instructors, NorCal Golf Academy, Dublin provides Bay Area golfers with the best there is in golf instruction.


Our Dublin location has two hitting bays each equipped with ForeSight Sports GC Quads and SwingCatalyst Video software paired with high speed video cameras

Capto Putting Analysis

Capto Putting is the latest and greatest when it comes to putting analysis technology. This unit packs a lot of punch when it comes to data and is being used by the number one player in the world and many other tour pros.

Swing Catalyst Pressure Plate

Dublin has the Swing Catalyst Pressure Plate technology to tell you the student how efficiently you are shifting your pressure in the golf swing. Amongst other things it can also tell you how balanced you are at all points of the swing.


K-Coach is a very powerful diagnostic tool that is used in all of our New Student Assessments and with industry leading software this system will allow you to truly feel the proper motions and positions that you should be in!