Tom Rezendes, PGA – Owner & Lead Coach

After becoming a PGA Class A Professional in 2011 I have followed my passion to learn everything I can about the golf swing and teaching golf.  As a result, I have been able to assist fellow golf professionals seeking advice on golf instruction.  Since opening NorCal Golf Academy, I  have also advised in the design and layout of world class instructional facilities around the world including the Meadow Club in Fairfax, CA, Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone World Headquarters, local universities and K-Vest.



Playing has always given me joy, but it is teaching golf that truly fuels my fire. I have been honored to be named in the top 25 ranked instructors in California by my peers in the Semi Annual Golf Digest “Best Teachers In State” and look forward to the never ending journey of learning and improving Golfer’s motions.


To get golfers shooting lower scores using the Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitor SwingCatalyst Force Plate and GEARS 3D Technology to quickly diagnose and give the proper correction to improve your swing.

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Ranked by Golf Digest as a top 25 instructor in California for the last 6 yearsand one of the highest certified and trained instructors in the state, I take pride in helping golfers on the road to im provement quickly. Utilizing TrackMan radar technology, Swing Catalyst Balance Plate and GEARS Motion Capture I can measure every facet of my student’s motion and give quantifiable data on what needs improvement and what is working properly.

I am the only Certified Golf Biomechanist in Northern California and am certified and own one the few GEARS systems in Northern California.

I truly believe that in this day and age golfers seeking to improve their game should not have to settle for a lesson where the instructor is guessing and without 3D technology that is exactly what they are doing! My motto is “If you are not assessing than you are guessing” .

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Elliot Busichio, Instructor & Manager

I started playing golf when I was 4 years old and I fell in love with the game and improved rapidly. When I was 12 years old, I started playing competitively across Northern California, where I won a few Junior and Amateur Championships. Following my dream of playing collegiate golf, I signed to play at California State University, East Bay where I played all four years. Growing up, I had many mentors from college players I looked up to but none more than my dad who pushed me to follow my dreams. One of my favorite quotes my dad would tell me was one from Tiger Woods, “no matter how goof you are, you can always get better.” That is something that I have not only incorporated into my teaching and playing, but into life itself, that no matter how good you are doing at something, always strive to be better. From Collegiate golf, I wanted to pursue a career in teaching golf because I wanted to help players get better and enjoy the game of golf that I love.

I am currently working towards becoming a Class A PGA member and I strive to learn from some of the best instructors in the game, which has brought me to working for Tom Rezendes, a top-25 instructor in California at NorCal Golf Academy, since 2013.


I strive to help students not just become better players but help them understand the game of golf by utilizing GC Quad and Swing Catalyst software to help them better understand and improve their golf swings.

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Curtis Rhoads, PGA – Instructor

Curtis draws on his experience as a player, instructor, and coach to help golfers of all skill levels play better, from scratch handicappers competing on the colligate level to golfers who are picking up a club for the first time.

Since joining NorCal Golf Academy in 2017 Curtis has given over 3,000 lessons. His approach acknowledges that each player learns at their own individual pace and in their own unique way. Through the use of GC Quad data, video analysis, and ground force technology, he believes the Academy provides his students the best possible environment to develop the skills they need to play their best.

Before joining NorCal Curtis spent three years as Assistant Coach for the distinguished Harvard Men’s golf squad. This gave Curtis valuable experience on what makes a player score better and inspired him to find out how to build a swing that leads to dependability, workability, and consistency. While giving lessons and clinics as a Golf Professional at the Olympic Club for 14 years, he stressed the value of practicing with purpose in order to make steady progress. He is a PGA Class A member and has numerous certifications and accreditations.


urtis grew up in a golfing family and playing junior golf in the Bay Area and went on to play college golf at USC. His dad played the PGA Tour and was the Head Pro at San Francisco Golf Club. His brother is the Director of Instruction at The Country Club in Boston, MA.


To combine proven fundamentals with state-of-the art technology to help all golfers play their best.

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Jenny Park-Choi – Instructor

I started in Golf when I was 14. Late start for playing at a high level, but fell in love with the game immediately and improved quickly. Broke 70 for my first time in a tournament after 2 years of playing Golf by shooting a back nine score of 30 (-6). I played JGANC, AJGA and USGA tournaments, winning over 50 tournaments including 2 AJGA events and being selected to the Inaugural Canon Cup Team (now Wyndham Cup), and went on to earn a full scholarship to play at UCLA. Despite some setbacks with injuries, I earned All-Conference and All-American team honors. Ranked #2 in the NCAA my Senior year. After graduating from UCLA I then played 3 years on the LPGA Tour and played in 3 US Women’s Opens. I began teaching in 2002 while recovering from injuries at home and found teaching much more rewarding than playing. I’ve been teaching for the past 17 years, appreciating the progress and watching my students improve and truly enjoy the game of Golf more. I truly believe in “Focusing on the process of improvement, and not dwelling on perfection.”


To help golfers enjoy the game of Golf better. Golf is a great game but it’s a lot more enjoyable when the ball does what you intended it to do.

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